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Reading: Cyber Cheating in an Information Technology Age


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Cyber Cheating in an Information Technology Age


Karl O. Jones ,

Juliet Reid,

Rebecca Bartlett


Developments in technology have provided new means for students to engage in practices not considered appropriate at Universityuniversity, hence academics need to be more active in the prevention and detection of instances of academic impropriety. As academics we should be aware that scholarship is built on other people's works and ideas. Thus the challenge we have is to help students distinguish between scholarship and cheating. One thing is clear, however, in relation to both coursework and examination. The process of deterring cheating will always be far more effective than the act of detecting the cheating. Additionally the staff time and effort expended in informing students of correct academic practice is significantly lower than that needed to identify and pursue cheating students.
How to Cite: Jones, K.O., Reid, J. and Bartlett, R., 2008. Cyber Cheating in an Information Technology Age. Digithum, (10), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2008.


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