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Reading: Democracy, innovation and digital culture


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Democracy, innovation and digital culture


Rodrigo Savazoni

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Periodista, productor web i realitzador multimèdia

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The impact of digitalisation and of the internet affects not only society and the economy. Politics, too, is beginning to be transformed. Alongside many other initiatives, the Brazilian Digital Culture Forum, held in Brazil in 2009, provides an example of how democracy can benefit from innovation. By means of a digital social network, the public continually interacts, proposing and reviewing public policies. This is not the only example: our country is experiencing a proliferation of the use of the net for social and cultural ends. The changes are profound, but the intellectual and macro-political worlds have not yet realised their potential.
How to Cite: Savazoni, R., 2010. Democracy, innovation and digital culture. Digithum, (12), p.None. DOI:
Published on 27 May 2010.
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