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Reading: Panorama of the wikimediasphere


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Panorama of the wikimediasphere


David Gómez Fontanills

UOC Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, TAG Taller d'Intangibles, ES
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The term wikimediasphere is proposed to refer to the group of WikiProjects, communities of editors, guidelines and organisations structured around the Wikimedia movement to generate free knowledge that is available to everyone. A description is made of the wikimediasphere, presenting the main projects and their characteristics, and its community, technological, regulatory, social and institutional dimensions are outlined. The wikimediasphere is placed in context and reference is made to its blurred boundaries. An explanation is provided of the role of the communities of editors of each project and their autonomy with respect to each other and to the Wikimedia Foundation. The author concludes by offering a panoramic view of the wikimediasphere.

How to Cite: Gómez Fontanills, D., 2012. Panorama of the wikimediasphere. Digithum, (14). DOI:
Published on 31 May 2012.
Peer Reviewed


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