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Reading: Museum-Making as Serious Leisure


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Museum-Making as Serious Leisure


Mariona Moncunill-Piñas

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
About Mariona

Mariona Moncunill-Piñas is a doctoral student at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Her background in Fine Arts and Cultural Management (respectively with a BA and a MA at the University of Barcelona) and her recent engagement with the Studies in Culture and Society Group (GRECS) define her approach at the interdisciplinary Information and Knowledge Society doctoral program. Since 2006 she has developed her professional activity as a cultural manager in Barcelona and as an artist exhibiting in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Helsinki or Vilnius and receiving several prices and grants.

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Amateur museums are independent museums made as leisure projects outside professional frameworks. This paper attempts to distinguish museum making as a leisure activity from professional museums and from collecting and to broadly identify some implications arising from their relations as questions of interest for future research. To do so, I rely on Stebbins theory of serious leisure (1992) and on some literature on institutionalism, collecting and museology, specially Martin’s research on popular collecting and its relation to professional museums (1999).


How to Cite: Moncunill-Piñas, M., 2015. Museum-Making as Serious Leisure. Digithum, (17), pp.20–27. DOI:
Published on 31 Jul 2015.
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