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Natàlia Cantó-Milà ,

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Narcís Figueras

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With the publication of a new issue, Digithum releases the first of two editions that will be published this year. As we announced in the last issue, our journal is making the shift from being published on a yearly basis to every six months. This new development is a great source of joy to us as it will mean that the waiting time for the publication of articles is cut by half and also that we will be able to increase the number of articles published each year. Two causes for celebration!

As we have also previously mentioned, our special focus dossier once again applies the relational perspective to a new object of study and, on this occasion, we have chosen emotions. As such, in the introduction to the dossier and in each of the articles that it contains, it highlights how conceiving emotions from a relational perspective enables us to focus on aspects in this respect that would be missed if we searched for them in the heart, brain or anywhere else extremely deep inside each individual. In no way does the relational perspective strive to eclipse other perspectives, but rather to complement them and make our analysis of the social world in which we live richer and more productive, in order to provide, where applicable, a useful methodology and interesting perspective, also in relation to the study of emotions.

How to Cite: Cantó-Milà, N. and Figueras, N., 2016. Editorial. Digithum, (18), p.1. DOI:
Published on 01 May 2016.


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