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Reading: Atom Egoyan’s Remember. Vices and virtues of the memory systems


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Atom Egoyan’s Remember. Vices and virtues of the memory systems


Lior Zylberman

Centro de Estudios sobre Genocidio (UNTREF) Facultad de Arquiectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina), AR
About Lior

Doctor en Ciències Socials, Màster en Comunicació i Cultura i Llicenciat en Sociologia (UBA). És investigador del CONICET, investigador del Centro de Estudios sobre Genocidio (UNTREF) i professor titular de Sociologia a la carrera de Disseny d’Imatge i So (FADU, UBA). En la mateixa institució exerceix com a Director del Programa d’Investigació en Disseny Audiovisual.

Forma part dels equips editorials de la Revista Cine Documental, de la Revista de Estudios sobre Genocidio y de Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal. És autor de nombrosos articles i capítols de llibres sobre les problemàtiques de la memòria i la imatge, la representació dels genocidis i les dictadures, així com sobre cultura visual; també ha presentat les seves recerques en diversos congressos i reunions científiques tant d’àmbit nacional como internacional.

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The extensive work of the Canadian-Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan has been characterized to addressing, among other topics, the ways in which we relate to the past and how our memory is mediated by various types of technology in the construction and conservation of our memories. In Remember (2015), his last feature film t to day, he returns to this topic aiming to represent the operation and the failures of  memory.

In the present essay, we will not carry out an aesthetic analysis but rather  focus on the form and modes in which the memory is represented in this film. For this purpose, we propose to study it from an inquiry into the memory systems to account for its multiple layers and characteristics, just as we will account for some “sins” that will allow us to analyze not only its distortions but also its ways of working. Finally we will give space to think the place of the imagination in our relations with the past.

How to Cite: Zylberman, L., (2017). Atom Egoyan’s Remember. Vices and virtues of the memory systems. Digithum. (20). DOI:
Published on 01 Jul. 2017.
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