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Editors Digithum

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The 20th issue of Digithum stands for the achievement of some goals we have meant to meet as an editorial team: to be published on a six-month basis, to search for international recognition for the journal and to set forth the analytical richness of the relational perspective.

The joint work between the UOC and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Antioquia has certainly enabled to meet the first two goals since, on the one hand, both institutions have edited the two issues published this year. It is worth mentioning that we are currently working on renewing our covenant. And, on the other hand, Digithum has become an active scenario of academic exchange among European and Latin American researchers.

Furthermore, the articles herewith show how the relational perspective provides a dynamic approach in order to give an account of the forms in which we are social and, hence, make society possible. The miscellany section, as well as the dossier, which focuses on the notions of time, memory and imagination, featuring H. Augusto Botia Merchán, member of our editorial team as collaborator and the materials section, allows us keep on promoting an editorial policy anticipated in issue number 17.

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Published on 01 Jul 2017.


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