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Olli Pyyhtinen

Universidad de Tampere, FI
About Olli

Olli Pyythinen es profesor asociado del programa New Social Research de la Universidad de Tampere, Finlandia. Su investigación mezcla la teoria social, la filosofía, los estudios de ciencia y tecnología, la sociología económica y el estudio del arte. Es autor, por ejemplo, The Simmelian Legacy [‘El legado simmeliano’] (2018), More-than-Human Sociology [‘Sociología más que humana’] (2015) y Simmel and the Social [‘Simmel y lo social’] (2010), así como coator de Disruptive Tourism and its Untidy Guests [‘Turismo disruptivo y sus huéspedes descuidados’] (2014). 

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The introduction to the special issue taps into discussions about the inseparability of science and fiction. Commencing from the idea that scientific statements are distinguished from fiction only a posteriori, not a priori, the piece asks, how fiction could be used as a theoretical resource in social scientific thinking. Could it inform, enrich, extend, intensify, and challenge the sociological imagination? Besides rejecting any clear-cut separation of social science and fictional and artistic forms, the text seeks to unsettle our certainty as to what counts as “fact” and what as “fiction” in the first place. It also suggests that examining the relationship of sociology and fictional and artistic forms helps us unsettle the institutionalized disciplinary ways of ordering knowledge and thought and that there may be a poetics or fiction to be uncovered in sociological scholarship, as sociology is also a form of storytelling.
How to Cite: Pyyhtinen, O., 2019. Introduction. Digithum, (24). DOI:
Published on 25 Jul 2019.
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