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Reading: Towards an information realm


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Theoretical and critical

Towards an information realm


Philip Duchastel


What is explored here is the issue of how complex information processing (cognition) is coupled to human cognition, or alternatively, whether a de-coupling is possible, and even underway. Starting with the view that cognition need not necessarily be based in the individual person (or computer), we look at the tangibility of information in processing and conclude that abstract information has indeed a character of intangibility. Looking at realms of being, we see that the digital virtual realm, evolving out of the physical and mental realms, opens up great possibilities for a wider scope of information interactions. The informational realm brings in non-human information interactions, i.e. information processing taking place within and between information artifacts themselves. This possibility leads to reconsidering the nature of cognition itself, with the potential for virtual processing in an intangible information world.
How to Cite: Duchastel, P., 2001. Towards an information realm. Digithum, (3). DOI:
Published on 01 Jul 2001.


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