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Reading: Opportunities for language-technology


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Opportunities for language-technology


Piek Vossen


The Internet is about communication and information. It is not simply a provider of data but also implies a real need for information. In other words, there is an growing necessity to cope with huge quantities of information, a large proportion of which is stored in text form. This article describes the opportunities offered by linguistic engineering for developing high quality products applicable in information society. A general model is proposed to deal with the different stages of data analysis, storage and access and an analysis is made with regard to the systems most widely used today. It is not an exhaustive list of possibilities and solutions. Nor is it completely up-to-the-minute, or is it intended to be. Technology is developing at great speed and any attempt to cover a particular field is already outdated by the time it is published. Rather, the author wishes to provide a perspective on the main current developments and attempts to stir the reader's interest in the present and the future of linguistic engineering.
How to Cite: Vossen, P., 2001. Opportunities for language-technology. Digithum, (3). DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2001.


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