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Isidor Marí Mayans


As was the case at the conference, "Humanities professions in the knowledge society", the Director of Humanities and Philology Studies at the UOC, Isidor Marí, presents this Dossier, and the subsequent virtual debate, with the aim of gaining useful conclusions, with specific repercussions on the organisation of the degree studies and its professional projection, especially at this time, which requires study plans to be redesigned in line with the Bologna process. In the author's opinion, we can only make the right operative decisions when we are able to understand the transformations taking place in the humanistic culture framed by the knowledge society, and to do so, debate has to be opened in which students, graduates, academics, researchers, professionals and analysts can all take part.

In this article, Isidor Marí analyses the tensions and contradictions that arise when attempts are made to relate the concepts of the professional world, Humanities and the knowledge society. Firstly, neither are Humanities a profession nor the study of Humanities seen by students or society to be adaptable to the definition of professional profiles. However, this highlights an important paradox, as the culture economy, (and, thus, occupations in the cultural sector), is growing increasingly throughout western societies. Likewise, in terms of the relationship between Humanities and the knowledge society, the author describes and analyses how there currently coexist voices foreseeing the worst alongside those that see information and communications technologies opening the way for an enormously positive transformation in human civilisation and a new cultural era.

How to Cite: Marí Mayans, I., 2004. Presentation. Digithum, (6), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Apr 2004.
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