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Reading: Humanists for 21st century


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Humanists for 21st century


Joan Campàs


From certain critical considerations with respect to which, faced with the new challenges and transformations brought on by the information society which affect areas of culture, knowledge and learning, only fears and concerns arise, and, likewise, from a positive assessment of the Humanist manifesto for the 21st century, this paper reflects on three aspects that serve to reconfigure a new digital humanism: the complexity paradigm, the digital revolution and globalisation, leading to an invitation to form a political commitment and praxis to not convert humanists into a cultural illusion and mere ornamental whim of the system.

How to Cite: Campàs, J., 2004. Humanists for 21st century. Digithum, (6), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Apr 2004.
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