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Reading: Dossier: "The virtual environment student"


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Dossier: "The virtual environment student"


Federico Borges Sáiz


The aim of this monographic dossier is to offer the reader a basic view of the figure of the student in virtual teaching and learning environments from the point of view of professionals from diverse backgrounds and actions, who coincide in giving importance to the centrality of the figure of the student as ultimately responsible for their learning.

The articles that are part of this monograph are as follows:

Federico Borges, "The virtual environment student. An initial approximation"

Marta Dziubinska and Joanna Opoka, "The online student as a driving force in the transformation of the Polish Virtual University"

Itziar Portillo, "Construction of a valid online training model from the point of view of the student as part of their study discipline"

Lluís Vicent, "The online student on technical degree courses. Motivation, interests and technical problems"

Federico Borges, Jaume Farrés and Cristina Gallego, "The virtual environment student in Humanities, Language and Literature, and foreign languages at the UOC"

How to Cite: Borges Sáiz, F., 2007. Dossier: \"The virtual environment student\". Digithum, (9), p.None. DOI:
Published on 24 May 2007.
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